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Evidence Based Vocal Lessons

Vocal lessons are instructional sessions where I provide guidance and feedback to students on how to improve their singing ability. In vocal lessons, we will work on various aspects of your vocal performance.

In addition to the technical aspects of singing, vocal lessons may also cover other topics related to music and performance, such as voice function and anatomy, music theory, ear training, stage presence, and interpretation.

Vocal lessons are beneficial for singers of all levels, from beginners to professionals, and can help students to develop a strong foundation for their singing skills, as well as refine their vocal abilities to achieve their musical goals.

Vocal Coaching (industry coaching)

Industry vocal coaching refers to specialized vocal training that is designed to help singers and performers develop the skills and techniques required to succeed in the music industry.

This type of coaching is for professional singers and aspiring artists who are looking to improve their vocal abilities and performance skills in order to excel in the competitive world of music.

Industry vocal coaching may cover a variety of topics, including:

Vocal technique - improving breath control, pitch accuracy, range, tone quality, and overall vocal performance.

Style and genre - developing the skills and techniques required for different types of music, such as musical theatre, pop, rock, classical, country, or jazz.

Performance skills - developing stage presence, microphone technique, and other performance skills such as improvisation, interpretation, and connection with the audience.

Recording and studio work - guidance on how to prepare for and execute successful studio sessions, including techniques for recording vocals, working with producers, and creating compelling performances for recordings.

Industry knowledge and career development - guidance on industry trends, networking strategies, marketing techniques, and other essential skills needed to succeed as a professional singer.


I offer Keyboard & Violin lessons to an intermediate level and beginner guitar/bass/drums.

Training available for Trinity College or RockSchool Examinations, and Singing Competitions.



What you will learn:

Safe & Efficient Technique & Vocal Versatility. 

Learn how to use your voice safely, ensure longevity, and develop a versatile range of skills and approaches to singing. 

Vocal Anatomy & Production.

Great for singers, but also extremely beneficial for teachers, lecturers, sports coaches, public speakers, anyone who uses their voice for their career! Understanding how the voice works is essential to protecting and ensuring the longevity of your voice.

Stage Performance & Confidence.

Do you struggle with performance anxiety and want to maximise your abilities when performing? These lessons are great for any performer and will help you feel confident on stage, at work and in life. Performance skills are essential for any musical artist.

Music Theory & Keyboard skills.

Music theory is an essential tool for all instruments, including the voice. Keyboard skills are essential for vocal exercises, songwriting, and self-accompanying. 

 Standard Private Lesson Pricing

  30min 45min 60min
Casual Rate $35



10x Lessons $315



Under 12's Private Lesson Pricing 

  30min 45min 60min
Casual Rate $20



10x Lessons $180



Student Private Lesson Pricing 

  30min 45min 60min
Casual Rate $25



10x Lessons $225



I offer a FREE 30min trial lesson.

Online lessons available.

I also offer sessions for duos, trios, groups, and bands. 

All lessons are to be paid for in advance. 


"Cambel is able to extract the best tones and improved my vocal range immensely. She has given me the confidence to explore my music journey and I highly recommend her as a private tutor."

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About Me!

Cambel began her singing journey in 2011 studying contemporary, classical, and musical theatre voice under the tutelage of Mary Williams, Gabrielle Barr, and Lisa Rangi. For the next 6 years, she participated nationally in singing competitions to great success, and with friends, formed a three-part harmony 'Andrews Sisters' tribute group "Words with the Birds."

Cambel graduated from the University of Otago in early 2020 with a Bachelor of Performing Arts - majoring in Musical Theatre. She then spent 2 years in Wellington, running 2 studios under the employ of successful NZ artist Anita Prime, hosting over 40 students.

Recently Cambel was a vocalist in the local Christchurch band 'daytrip'.

She completed her Voice Function 101 Certification in 2023, for the Evidence Based Voicework Pedagogy Program, run by evidence based voice specialist Maddie Tarbox in the USA. 

Cambel is trained in 'Evidence Based' techniques, and her teaching style prioritizes Voice Science & Anatomy, exploration and individual expression. 

"a wonderful, caring, talented person, and a great teacher.

I have developed a vocal module workbook with all the essential information you need to commence your singing journey. This is available to all enrolled students for $10. Further modules to come :)





Tel: 027 962 0950


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